Executive Officers

The Leading Ladies of Lambda Rho Sigma



Soror Altovise Abner was inducted into Theta Epsilon Sigma in Fall 2006. She is a charter member of the LuxuRiouS Lambda Rho Sigma (chartered on June 2, 2012). Soror Abner has held several positions within her local chapter(s), including Epistoleus, Rhoer Coordinator, Anti-Basileus, and Basileus and on the Regional Level she has served as the Awards and Achievement Chair. Soror Abner has made the decision to pursue Life Membership within the organization and looks forward to serving SIGMA for many more years. She is also the mother to a wonderful SON(shine) and a Supervising Deputy Probation Officer for the LA County Probation Department. Soror Abner looks forward to growing within the Department and continuing to serve clients and the community.




Janna Jones was inducted into Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Gamma Tau Sigma Alumnae Chapter in Fall 2010.  Soror Jones has previously served as the Chapter's Epistoleus and Sister- Share Coordinator. Her entertainment marketing and branding experience is an intricate role to ensuring the chapter represents and upholds the exceptional standards of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.  Soror Jones' creativity and ability to think outside the box has made the young Lambda Rho Sigma Alumnae Chapter a notable and recognizable member of their service community, as well as the Mighty Western Region.  


Soror Jones attended The University of Arizona where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication (Social and Behavioral Sciences). Her service to the community does not end with Sigma.   Soror Jones is presently employed by the LOS ANGELES COUNTY Department of Public Social Services.   She is a dedicated county professional and GAIN Services Worker.  Soror Jones provides employment services to low-income program participants.  In her free time, she enjoys plus-size modeling, spending time with her loved ones and hanging out with her beloved dog Harley Jerome Davidson.




Taisha Langford was inducted into Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Theta Epsilon Sigma Alumnae Chapter of Culver City in Fall 2008.  Soror Langford presently serves as the Western Region Awards Chair, Chapter Grammateus, Scholarship Award Co-Chair, and Faith, Hope, and Trust Foundation Board Member. As a Charter Member of Lambda Rho Sigma Alumnae Chapter of Santa Monica, Soror Langford has strived to utilize her proactive work ethic and effective communication skills to promote sisterhood and service for individual Sorors, Chapters, and Affiliates while illustrating consistency in our motto, “Greater Service, Greater Progress.”




Soror Tiffany Hampton has been a member of this Illustrious sisterhood for 17 years. She was inducted into the Western Region in Winter 2003 at CSUSB and became a charter member of Pi Rho Chapter in 2004. After graduating, she transitioned into Theta Pi Sigma Chapter and later into Gamma Tau Sigma to continue service in a graduate capacity. Soror Hampton is currently a member of the LuxuRiouS Lambda Rho Sigma Chapter and serves as the Tamiochus, Scholarship Co-Chair, and Faith, Hope, and Trust Board Member. Throughout her membership, she has served in leadership as the Western Region Anti-Grammateus, Western Region Awards and Achievements Co-Chair, Basileus, Anti-Grammateus, Epistoleus, Rhoer Co-Advisor, NPHCIE Fundraising Co-Chair, and NPHCLA Board Member. Soror Tiffany Hampton continues to work towards being the best role model she can be for young women and the community-at-large while assisting others in accomplishing their own personal endeavors. 




Soror Jennifer Barrios was inducted into Lambda Rho Sigma in Spring 2018. She is also a member of the Sister Share Committee and the Joint Council Committee. Soror Barrios also serves as the chapter community service co-chair.   Her favorite part about Sigma is working side by side with intelligent, accomplished, and beautiful women to plan service programs aimed at helping others in the community. Soror Barrios graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's and Master's degree. She is currently employed at Hillsides, as a Wraparound Mental Health Therapist. Soror Barrios is also the proud mom of a talented 14-year-old daughter named Madison.  




Soror Chanel Black was inducted into Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Lambda Rho Sigma Alumnae Chapter of Santa Monica in Spring of 2018.  Soror Black has previously served as the Chapter Fundraising Chair. Soror Black strives to create new and creative ways to increase chapter membership. She earned her BA degree in Human Services from The University of Phoenix and is the proud mother of two amazing sons.




Soror Ashley Hopkins was inducted into Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Rho Eta Chapter at Loyola Marymount University in Spring 2007. Soror Hopkins currently serves as Parliamentarian of the Lambda Rho Sigma Chapter and has previously served as the Western Region Programs Chair.